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Want to help the migrant worker community?  Write to us!

Some of the positions we are seeking helping in include: translation, graphic design, administration, animation, volunteer management, and more. Most of all, we are looking for people who are committed and passionate about supporting our migrant brothers. 


Tell us about yourself and what position you would like to help in.  We will get in touch with you shortly.

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Thanks for your interest in volunteering!  We will be in touch with you.

Volunteer Positions

Below are some of the positions that we are seeking to fill at My Brother SG.


A pre-requisite for all our volunteers is a passion for our mission and vision. We value a culture of honour, trust and empowerment, and actively seek out people with these values.

Translation (Translator)

We are looking for translators who are fluent in both English and any of the following languages: Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Thai, Burmese, Telugu, Mandarin.

Volunteer Recruitment & Engagement

We are looking for volunteers who can help with volunteer relations, which involves engaging them and inducting new volunteers.

Migrant Worker Befriender

Develop friendships with our pool of migrant worker volunteers! Befrienders will be trained to engage and consult with migrant workers on a regular basis to gain their input so that the work we are doing is meaningful to them.

Translation (Administration)

We are looking for an administrative assistant with a passion for providing support in organization and communication, and to assist in coordinating translations.

Social Media Management

We are looking for a volunteer who is able to manage our Facebook page and digital marketing strategies.

Graphic & Web Design

We are looking for graphic designers who have a good eye for detail and are passionate about creating health resources and marketing materials. We also need web designers to help with website updates.

Video Editing/ Animation

We are looking for video editors/animators to create educational health videos for our migrant brothers and healthcare workers.